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"After my wife of 27 years blind-sided me with wanting a divorce I was devastated, confused and helpless. A colleague of mine at work told me to get an attorney… a really good attorney. A physician colleague recommended Garg and Associates. I cannot tell you the sense of relief I felt after meeting with Ms. Kitty Crutcher, Senior Associate. Right from the start Ms. Crutcher took control of my situation, told me what she needed from me and then took care of all the legal proceedings. My time in court was minimized and a favorable mediated result was achieved. I would hope none of friends or family members have to go through the nightmare of a divorce, however if they do, I know exactly what they need to do. They need to get a great attorney and I will send them to see, Garg and Associates Senior Associate Ms Kitty Crutcher."
- Bryan

"I have been blessed to have Mr Rivas as my attorney. Mr Rivas have always been available to help me with any questions that I had. He was very quick to respond to my emails. I have found Mr Rivas to be very knowledgeable, kind and professional. He was with us during our interview day. Even though, our interview did not go well at first, he explained to us the documents that we needed to send to the USCIS to provide for more proofs. Because of him, I received my 2 years green card. My husband and I are so thankful for everything he did for us. Thank you very much Mr Rivas; you are the best."
- Gnine

"Juan Rivas should be an attorney you call for your immigration Issues. He is not only professional and handles cases very well, he represents you like a friend and not just like every other attorney who is only concerned about money. he has your interest at heart and will answer you anytime of the day even when its not working hours. I filed for change of status and within 5months I got my green card. he was very on point and made sure I did everything I needed to do with his professional guidance, It was a good thing I went to his office and am settled and very Happy."
- Daniel

"Kitty helped me out when my Dad and step mom passed away and I was in need for a quick way to get guardianship of my little brother before school started. I had a consultation with another attorney about this and I left confused and overwhelmed about how complicated it all seemed. So when I contacted Kitty I was very grateful for how simple the process was and she took care of everything. I would definitely recommend her."
- Christine

"It was so nice having Juan Rivas-Riveras filling our case. During our interview the woman who was conducting it said our attorney did an awesome job at filling all the documents. This made it so easy because we did not have to give her everything that we brought. Also, prior to the interview, Juan was very helpful in telling us how to prepare our document presentation and what things to show her. Juan made this process very easy for us."
- Alberto & Rose

"I just wanted to send a simple note to express to you my sincere and profuse gratitude for the outstanding work you did in getting my divorce finalized. I want to especially commend you on your professionalism and performance even though you were going in against the odds. I contribute our success to the way you knew just the right questions to ask to get the information stated that would allow the judge to agree to everything that we were asking for. I know without a doubt that you will achieve greatness as an attorney as long as you keep up this presentation. Again my sincerest thanks and good luck in your future endeavors!"

"This letter is for the purpose of both offering my gratitude for a job well done, but to also confirm what you -indeed- have done.Divorce, as we know, is an affair as much of the heart, as it is legal, financial, religious. As such, feelings get mixed in with the logic of timing and commitment to a divorce process, and they complicate matters. In my case, you were able to graciously, and quite competently sort through about a full year of off and on divorce process, and bring it to a successful conclusion. While some sadness is part of the result, the fact is that both parties were quite satisfied, and feel we were dealt with fairly, honestly and legally. Clearly the judge did also, as the divorce legalities went smoothly. Thank you very much for being so accommodating, so highly competent, and I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me in divorce proceedings. I sincerely appreciate you and your good work. Well done, Ms. Crutcher, Well done. I would, and will, recommend you to anyone I know who needs an attorney for a divorce or other family law."

"I want to commend you and your staff for working diligently with me giving my circumstances and being out of the country. You're firms dedication to the end result has been greatly appreciated and I will no doubt, turn to you all again if ever the need arises in the future. I will definitely refer you guys to anyone I know thats in need of a reputable firm. Thanks again and good luck to you all!"

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